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Could the Political Theater Possibly Get Any More Absurd?

Posted by The Curmudgeon on March 10, 2010

Honest…you can’t make this stuff up.

Political junkies, commentators, and bloggers everywhere are wallowing in an orgiastic embarrassment of riches—thanks in no small measure to the tireless efforts of the triumvirate of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Writer’s block became a thing of the past the moment this bunch came to power; with such fertile ground, who could ever be at a loss for ideas?

Consider Pelosi’s latest gem, referring to health care reform: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it away from the fog of controversy.”


Throughout the health care reform saga, we’ve basically been told: “Trust me.” Somewhere in those roughly five thousand pages (between the House and the Senate versions, collectively) of esoteric legislative proposals, we’re supposed to eventually find the justification for all the arm-twisting, political payoffs, sweetheart deals, and secret planning sessions; if one accepts Pelosi’s premise (by the way…there’s a bridge in Brooklyn that may be of interest), she’s on some holy quest to bring this masterpiece to the masses—that they may someday be able to comprehend it and appreciate its beauty…much like all that modern art that we’re all too unsophisticated to grasp (you know; the stuff that looks like it was painted by a heavily medicated pre-schooler). Why, it’s such a wonderful plan that all three members of the aforementioned triumvirate (and all of Congress) expressly exempted themselves from it so that we wouldn’t have to share it with them. How generous and altruistic of them. And knowing that we’re all too stupid to know a good thing when we see it, they’re trying earnestly to spare us the anguish of determining whether to buy a pig in a poke by deciding the matter for us—requiring only that we be left holding the bag.

Reid? Oh, so much potential, there. The one guy in Washington who out-Bidens even Joe Biden with his ill-considered outbursts. One must wonder whether he was given a pass for his infamous “Negro dialect” comment about Obama less for his past record and more because even his associates and supporters know he’s an idiot. When he speaks, the result is most often one of two reactions: viewers must resist mightily the temptation to throw something at the TV—or simply scratch their heads in wonderment.

Obama, of course, surrounds himself with casts of characters that never fail to provide fodder; it’s unclear, however, to what degree their antics are attributable to Obama, himself.

Though (now) former congressman Eric Massa’s bizarre allegations about Rahm Emanuel accosting him in the shower have been pretty much discredited,—…well, it is Rahm Emanuel, after all; there isn’t much that seems over-the-top for him. Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania claims that the Obama gang (again, it’s unclear which of the miscreants was actually responsible) tried to bribe him with the promise of a job in an attempt to discourage him from opposing Senator Arlen Specter’s re-election bid; while the administration has issued denials, Obama’s track record of buying-off his opponents leads one to wonder. And it’s been fun watching Robert Gibbs hem and haw about the matter during press briefings. Attorney General Eric Holder raised quite a stir with his(?) decision to have the 9/11 trials held in New York City; it seems now that Obama may be leaning toward holding the trials elsewhere—which raises the possibility that the original trial announcement was actually a trial balloon to test the political wind, allowing Obama to transfer the heat to others (at least he didn’t try to employ his favored “Blame Bush” strategy).

And the Head Beagle, Himself? Obama provides virtually unlimited material. From his insistence on making a daily television appearance to his obsession with secrecy to his artful dodging of firm stances on issues, he’s a veritable bottomless font of fodder for pundits (well…for those pundits, at least, who aren’t already in the tank for the guy—which largely excludes the mythical “mainstream media” sources that don’t very accurately reflect mainstream thinking). As is common with megalomaniacs, he feels a need to personally control everything and avoid accountability for anything (though he seems not at all averse to claiming credit when it’s politically advantageous to do so)—which again casts doubt on Holder’s role in deciding where to hold the 9/11 trials; it’s clearly out of character for him to leave such a decision to anyone else—but very much typical of him to shift the blame to his underling in the event the whole plan might go south…which it obviously did.

The only mystery is how such a band of seasoned political pros (which they are—no matter how vigorously some insist that they’re “outsiders” unsullied by typical D.C. politics) could prove so inept. There’s nothing artful about them, no deft touch; they need their supermajorities and sheer brute power to get anything done. Far removed from the art of consensus-building, their over-reliance on bribery, bullying, and brow-beating betray their shortcomings.

It’s no mystery how they came to power—and in that reason one finds the rationale for Pelosi’s empty-headed pronouncement. Voters did buy a pig in the poke when they elected Obama; un-vetted, shrouded in secrecy, he nonetheless won. Queen Nancy apparently figures that since the electorate bought one mystery pig, they’ll quietly accept another.

In other words…since we were already left holding the bag once, we won’t object to a repeat performance.

All of which, ironically, brings an odd happiness to bloggers; we’re never at a loss for ideas, these days.



2 Responses to “Could the Political Theater Possibly Get Any More Absurd?”

  1. Slamdunk said

    Good post and I agree–it has been a gold mine of creative blogging material to select from.

  2. Lynne Z said

    Chicago-style thuggery at it’s …”best”. Mayor Daley, please take a bow.

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