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The State of Our Disunity

Posted by The Curmudgeon on January 27, 2010

More chinks in Obama’s armor?

The State of the Union address is offered in compliance with the Constitutional requirement for the President to periodically advise Congress what’s going on. (After all the flowery verbiage and political posturing, that’s what it all comes down to.) In general, these addresses tend to be painted in broad strokes; long on bluster, short on detail. This is actually a merciful feature, for we’re spared the intense battering and body blows that accompany most political speeches—at the expense, however, of gagging on palaver and built-in applause lines (did anyone else notice that Joe Biden nearly misfired on one?). For the most part, the President generally beats his chest a little and gives his party’s Congressional members a chance to do some blatant in-your-face cheering. The President usually also takes the opportunity to float a few trial balloons (that semi-zinger about the military’s “Don’t ask/don’t tell” policy is a case in point, while the somewhat more suprising reference to expanding nuclear power was another) without committing to anything specific. Personally, I find these affairs generally boring. The main reason I bothered to watch this one is that I knew several people would be waiting to see what I would have to say about it.

Okay, so here’s my take.

First, that business of calling-out the Supreme Court justices was stupid. That cannot be overlooked.

That “I thought I’d get some applause out of that one” comment to Republicans was cheap politics; it underscores his recent crowning as the most polarizing President ever. He’s been around long enough to know how this game is played—and that was clearly out of line.

He isn’t fooling anyone with that pseudo-freeze he’s proposing; it’s nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to appear fiscally responsible—while simultaneously protecting the grandiose spending he’s already done.

No one’s likely to be taken-in by his condemnation of partisan politics (even that little finger-wave at Democrats) as long as Harry Reid’s door is still closed and C-Span is locked out of those supposedly “transparent” health-care reform proceedings.

He’s genuinely tone-deaf. He doesn’t care what the people think or want. He’s been given the resounding message that his proposal for health-care reform won’t fly with the people—but he’s not about to give up. (One suspects at this point that his ego simply won’t allow him to.)

His claim of having not raised taxes on the little guy is at best a half-truth. In direct taxes, perhaps there’s been no increase; however, when one levies taxes on goods and services, it’s a foregone conclusion that the costs to obtain those goods and services will be passed-on to the consumer…an indirect tax.

His haranguing of Republicans for obstructing his steam-roller approach is simply politics as usual.

His “challenge” to Republicans to become more involved in problem-solving rings hollow; it was, after all, his own party that locked Republicans out of the process to begin with. Having now learned that he can’t get what he wants without at least the appearance of bipartisan support, he’s trying to obtain by berating the opposition what he was unable to simply take.

Oh, and he found a way to re-word (though only slightly) his favorite theme: that he inherited all these problems from George W. Bush.

The most significant aspect of the address…well, I don’t want to comment on that, just yet. It fits nicely with an idea I’ve been mulling-over, though. That will be for the next installment. For now, suffice to say that something was missing.



3 Responses to “The State of Our Disunity”

  1. Dick Norcross said

    Very insightful, I watched it for the same reasons you did. If I had to rate the speach, I would rate it as a 5 bagger. That’s 5 out of a possible maximum of 5 airline type vomit bags.

    I wouldn’t hire that (deleted) to run a lemonade stand, let alone be president of the United States, America what were you thinking?

    If Lincoln was the great emancipator, then Obama should be known as the great prevaricator!

    • Jim Seeber said


      I’m glad you liked my post, and I strongly encourage comments from readers (and have noticed that you’re probably the most active commenter here). I also despise censorship of any sort—probably at least as much as anyone else you know.

      Having said that—…

      WordPress does have some standards. This blog is basically “G-rated”. I wish to keep it that way. While some name-calling and moderate swearing will go largely unnoticed, straying into the realm of racial or ethnic slurs draws unwanted attention from the site’s owners—potentially even causing the blog to be shut down altogether.

      Please be content to call the lying asshole the lying asshole that he is—and leave it at that. Otherwise…spew at will.

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