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The Importance of "How" and "Why"

Posted by The Curmudgeon on December 27, 2009

Amid the ongoing battle over health care reform, key issues are being overlooked—and one remains paramount.

We all know about the oft-mentioned “spiraling cost of health care;” one need only examine a few pay stubs to confirm its significance (for those who subscribe to health care insurance through their employers)—or simply get sick (for those who are uninsured). We’ve endured a steady stream of spin and counter-spin from both sides of the conflict. We’re well-acquainted with the issues of pre-existing conditions, “rationed care,” and prescription drug plans. We’ve seen highlights of the sometimes bitter exchanges in Congress. And we’ve been bombarded with contradictory data, numbers so massaged and manipulated that no one knows now quite what to believe.

One key piece is missing from this massive puzzle, and it’s resulted in the classic mistake of treating only the symptoms of the problem—but completely ignoring the causes. We know the cost of care is high—and rising. But…do we know why? Can anyone recall even hearing the question raised?

Is it because doctors are paid too much? Is it the result of paying-off massive malpractice suits? Is it because of the burdens placed on the system by illegal immigrants? Are we spending too much on expensive and (arguably) unnecessary tests? Should we blame the practice of “defensive medicine”?

Throughout the protracted political battles and the dizzying sums being spent, the focus has been (ostensibly) on providing affordable health care—but no one has explained why it isn’t already available. Placing the emphasis on making coverage affordable now leaves unanswered two questions: how did the cost get out of hand in the first place—and what’s to prevent it happening again in the future? Failure to identify and correct the root causes of the deficiency virtually assures a recurrence.

Suppose you have a headache. Taking aspirin alleviates the headache—temporarily. The headache returns. You take more aspirin. The problem with this approach is that (unbeknownst to you) your headaches are actually being caused by a brain tumor. Take all the aspirin you want; it may provide temporary relief from your headache—but it isn’t addressing the root cause. So, the untreated tumor continues to cause you discomfort; moreover, it’s still growing.

Congress and the Obama regime are, unfortunately, bent on throwing a 12 trillion dollar aspirin at a symptom—but failing to identify or treat its cause.

And that cause won’t be going away of its own accord.



6 Responses to “The Importance of "How" and "Why"”

  1. Duwayne Dale said

    I can agree with your rant up until the finger pointing. This mess id bigger than Obama or Bush. This has been in the works for many years. Other than that you are exactly on target. This is our second agreement in about thirty years, don't let it go to your head. 🙂

  2. Jim said

    I agree that it's a big problem, and not caused by Obama; what sets his actions apart is that $12 trillion (and counting) that's being spent on who knows what—and still no root cause even identified. That's on him.Not letting it go to my head, friend. Like I told you last time, though: You're finally coming around.

  3. Anonymous said

    Throwing money at the problem is so much easierwhen its SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY!!! LCZ

  4. Laura said

    Shoot… why do you think casinos have you play with chips rather than cash?

    • Dick Norcross said

      The spiralling cost of healthcare in America is in my humble opinion caused 100% by the government. Medicaid and the required treatment of anyone who shows up at an emergency room regardless of whether they have insurance or not, and regardless of wether they are even in this country legally or not. All of which is a direct cost to the taxpayer, and since in the case of Medicaid subject to very limited compensation from the government to the provider (hospital and doctor). Those patients with major medical insurance have to make up the difference with inflated costs.

      We already have socialized medicine and have had for years. It’s time to stop it now!

      When someone shows up at the emergency room with no insurance, give them a couple of aspirin, a bandaid, a body bag, and a cardboard grave marker and send them on their way!

      • Laura said

        I hear you. My daughter worked for a company within the hospital to help spanish speaking (re: illegals) persons fill out the paperwork for the gov’t to foot the bill. She was not allowed to ask if they were legal or require a lot of specific financial proof that you or I would would have to supply. She’d finally had enough after she was involved in a car accident and had to pay for what the insurance (that she paid for) wouldn’t cover and co-pays just to return to work and get some illegals bills paid via our gov’t. She’ll probably read this at some point and can correct me if I’m wrong, but.. I think I got it right.

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