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To Bow—or Not to Bow

Posted by The Curmudgeon on November 17, 2009

Okay, so I’m trying to understand this.

Mr. Obama raised quite a stir when he bowed to the Saudi king (he looked really oafish in the effort, by the way). His ill-considered kowtowing was never fully explained by his minions (who initially denied that he’d bowed at all, contending that it just looked that way because the king is so short. Ri-iiight. Anybody buy that one?), and immediately rekindled the familiar questions regarding his rumored Muslim faith. It was correctly noted by many that he hadn’t likewise bowed to Queen Elizabeth—of even more diminutive stature, by the way—who as a monarch of an allied nation shares at least equal status, diplomatically speaking.

Now, he’s gone and bowed to the Japanese Emperor.


Let’s see; they’re all three monarchs…the King is Muslim, but neither the Queen nor the Emperor is…

…but the King and the Emperor are both male, the Queen female.

…(clicking, buzzing, whirring sounds of feeble minds at work)…

Could this be simple misogyny? Not likely. The political career of a black (well…half-black, anyway) Democrat would’ve been torpedoed long ago had he shown indications of merely having issues with women.

It has been asserted, however, that some of Obama’s unexplained past behavior could be indicative of his (rumored) Muslim faith. As an example: for him to show any degree of obeisance to a female would be unacceptable in Muslim culture.

…(more clicking, buzzing, and whirring)…

Which some will conclude (correctly or not) accounts for the disparity in deference to the aforementioned blue-bloods; i.e., he may bow to a man—but the Muslim culture forbids him from doing so to a woman. (“A-HA! You see? He’s a Muslim! Just like we’ve been tellin’ ya all along! Voilà! “)

This, coming from a man who has steadfastly denied any ties to Islam—and who would likely face political ruin should any such association be clearly established. A man who’s proved unable to dispel lingering doubts about his true beliefs—and who seems to deliberately shroud himself in mystery and uncertainty.

Unlike the narcissist-in-chief, I freely admit that I’ll probably never become widely renowned as the smartest guy on the planet; ergo, if I can connect these dots in something under five minutes, I figure it’s a virtual lock that many others will, as well. An Obama regime constantly surrounded as it is by rumors and allegations (from the legitimate to the borderline-loony) regarding Islam, birth certificates, education financing, home mortgaging, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, hidden agenda, socialism, ACORN, “enemies lists” and so forth ad infinitum really doesn’t need to be heaping more fuel on the fire.

So, what the hell was he thinking?

All of which overlooks an even larger issue: the President of the United States shouldn’t be bowing to any foreign dignitary. Period. None of his forty-three predecessors did. None. Ever. They all understood the importance of protocol—and appearances. And the appearance of a US President with his face dipped to belt buckle-level is anathema to this nation—as it always has been. We can expect unconfirmed reports at any moment of all the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves in unison, so distasteful is the thought.

So…what the hell was he thinking?


7 Responses to “To Bow—or Not to Bow”

  1. Anonymous said

    Here's a theory. He wasn't thinking at all. He seldom does because someone else does histhinking for him. He is a plant. A Muslim plant. Imbedded in a most critical position to cause decay. From the inside out. Financial decay….Moral decay…Political decay…Sounds really far -fetched…doesn'tit??

  2. iGrannyLin said

    Maybe we live in America, founded, FOUNDED I SAY on the assumption that people should worship God in their own way. So what difference does it make to anyone else what religions influence him. I have met some Muslims that have wonderful ethics, like don't buy things you can't afford, help other people, etc.

    • Larry Z said

      This country was FOUNDED on the right to have FREEDOM to worship
      the ONE TRUE GOD and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Our forefathers were
      very clear on this. It makes all the difference in the world what
      religions influence him. One advocates forgiveness and redemption thru the atoning blood
      of a risen saviour and the other advocates the death and removal of anyone who opposes their beliefs….LCZ

  3. Laura said

    Well, first he professed to be a Christian. So.. if he is in fact a Muslim, he's a closet Muslim for a reason. Who took out the Twin towers? Muslims. Who crashed a plane full of passengers into the Pentagon, Muslims. Look back over the past 20 years or more and find any terrorist attack on American soil or abroad on Americans… Muslim. This country was indeed founded on the basis of freedom of religion, but Muslims (no, maybe not all but millions) do not want us to have the freedom of whatever religion we choose. They want us dead. They want us bowing towards Mecca. At some point any peaceful Muslims will have to get with the program or die themselves. Muslim terrorists have declared war with us. In my book, that means all Muslims are suspect.Political correctness will destroy us.Besides, the point in this post of Jim's was that he…Obama, bowed to the men, but not to the woman…so, in essence, IF he were in fact a muslim and noted in this post then he also goes by the traditional Muslim edict that women are inferior and IF he holds that belief then that would mean that he does hold the same mentality as most of the Muslim terrorists and as the ..cough..cough…president of the U.S… that concerns me.

  4. lyndazski said


  5. Jessica said

    Yet, he doesn't salute our flag. In honor of the people who fought adn dies to give it, and all it stand for, to us.

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